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At AppLab we believe that the solution to your urgent needs can be solved with technology using our creative flair.

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What is AppLab?

AppLab develops real-world business solutions through the use of simple to use applications. These solutions are designed to not only make businesses more profitable but their operating processes more efficient. Within our strategy team, we have industry experts that use our process of Collective Intelligence to determine the right solution for each problem rather than post-fitting existing solutions. As the solutions are built around the needs of the company they become more intuitive and effective for the user.

We also utilise Salesforce as a partner to build our solution which gives us fully intergatable systems that are at the forefront of technology that’s currently available.

Why work with AppLab?

AppLab develops solutions around the way you do business and doesn’t believe in trying to change the way you work. We’ve successfully rolled out technology platforms by either working along side businesses to build a bespoke experience or we have taken our existing technology and adapted it to solve the issue. We find that partnering to develop technology solutions suits the requirements better and this approach helps to develop for long-lasting experiences.

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What are AppLab’s R&D methods?

Through research and incubated solutions we aim to identity industry specific business problems. Those problems need to meet a real and genuine business need. During our process we are completely industry agnostic and are looking for high intensity & urgent needs as this indicates short term opportunities to solve. Simple real needs are much more attractive than grand nice-to-have solutions. Similarly, inefficiency equals opportunity – so we seek inefficient markets.


The more inefficient the existing process, the larger the need, the more valuable the solution. Industries with intermediated service delivery or distribution have proved fruitful to date. We specialise in building client and consumer facing solution with apps that utilise the security of the Salesforce (“SFDC”) ecosystem.

Cloud based solutions across all platforms.

In today’s connected world being able to seamlessly access and interact with your information is essential. Which is why all of our platforms are design to be fully intergrated so whatever device you’re using from desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile the experience is seamless. So not only allowing flexibility but meaning the information you are viewing is current across every user.