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AppLab: SaaS Solutions for Financial and Retail Markets.

Start exploring the current platforms from AppLab

Who is AppLab?

AppLab is a technology company that has evolved over the last two years to provide applications to the financial services sector and certain retail industries where we see shortcomings in their current technological offerings.

Currently, the applications that we have created cover the following sectors:

  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Finance Brokers
  • Insurance Brokers and Agencies
  • Landlord Finance
  • Pet shops

Our SaaS solutions are live in all of the markets above, with new complementary solutions being developed for adjacent markets.

What makes AppLab different?

We develop digital work-flow solutions using the latest cloud SaaS technology. By working closely with specialists within our target industries we leverage their knowledge and our design expertise to craft the best user experience and maximum productivity.

Cities – not Islands

But we do more than simply provide world-leading digital transformation solutions. We also integrate all our platforms with each other and to the outside world. We call this our building Cities and linking then together, both within our AppLab City and other Salesforce and external applications. We do this by leveraging the power of Salesforce and our open API approach.

Rather than islands of data, we build interconnected cities.

To further understand how we can help solve your issues please contact us.

What Our Customers Say?

What we do?

AppLab has been established to take advantage of product gaps and shortcomings of legacy systems that fail to deliver the productivity and automation required in selected markets where AppLab has substantial domain knowledge.

Financial Services


Cross-selling opportunities exist in investment property, where fees for referrals can be earned for property management businesses looking to refer customers for new or refinanced loans or insurance-related products.


AppLab has developed SaaS platforms for debt finance broking (Origomics) and Insurance (SureMate) with full integration between platforms and insurers and debt providers. Both platforms are live. The third tier of this platform strategy, Orizo (Property Management), is in development and will be ready for the market by mid-2021.


Retail Solutions


Opportunities exists in retail markets where independent stores can leverage AppLab’s SaaS platform: enabling online sales, access to a wider range of products and categories, and digitizing interactions with customers (e.g. pet grooming appointments).


AppLab has developed a SaaS platform for independent pet stores (PawsEco) and is actively investigating opportunities to leverage the platform capabilities into complementary retail offerings.